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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Bad News For Jio, Airtel, Vodafone & Idea User

The GMX Cloud is the safe storage place for your photos, videos, music and documents; your safe hiding place for all of your data—online, protected, stable. Your GMX Cloud is a free GMX online backup solution that you have access to anytime, anywhere thanks to the corresponding GMX Cloud app. 
Whether by mobile, tablet or PC, as long as you have an internet connection you have complete access to all of your files, keeping your most important files always at hand. Take your files in GMX with you wherever you go—your virtual cloud location, your own cloud on the internet, your absolutely safe online backup space—and all for free!

GMX Cloud at a glance:
●Photos, videos, music, documents quickly uploaded:
There is enough space for all important data and media.
●Download option
(Download files into the download folder)
●List view and tile view
●Slideshow / gallery view for pictures
●All important files safely stored online:
Tip: move photos from your camera memory card directly into the cloud.
●Free additional space:
After downloading, there’s even more additional file storage space included for free.
●Online access via smartphone, tablet and PC:
Everything is always at hand – selected files available offline.
●Secure file storage in the GMX data center:
Storage in US is in accordance with US data protection laws.

Camera full? No space on your phone? Enter the GMX Cloud
With the GMX Cloud app, you will always have your GMX Cloud storage: save documents, videos, music or other files in your Cloud and access it through your app when and wherever you want – on vacation, traveling, at a friend’s, in the office, or at home. It's no longer a problem when the memory card in your camera is full! The GMX Cloud is the perfect picture storage solution. You’re at a party and want to show your friends pictures or videos from your last vacation? Easy! You want to put important documents into the GMX Cloud immediately? No problem.
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The GMX Cloud app allows you mobile access to all of your data and files anytime and anywhere in the free GMX Cloud — your virtual hard drive from GMX. This is data backup at its finest: nothing is ever lost again! Save space on your camera with the photo backup feature, or space on your computer hard drive with the use of music storage and file storage.

GMX free mail - far more than an email account
The GMX Cloud is a free component of all GMX email accounts. Once you set up a GMX email address, you have immediate access to your free cloud backup with GMX.

Data protection and secure data centers:
The GMX Cloud represents the highest level of privacy. The GMX Cloud is operated only in our high-security data centers
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